Electronic Cigarette Cartridges

There are two(2) types of electronic cigarette cartridges out there on the market right now.  Before you go grab yourself a new electronic cig kit educate yourself on what options you have.

The One(1) Piece Cartridge

Simple, the filter which holds the liquid nicotine and the atomizer are all in one piece (highlighted in red in the photo below). You find this setup on two piece electronic cig kits, not to be confused with a two piece cartridge.  This style is just a battery and a cartridge with a built in atomizer.

The advantages to these are that they are convient and you don’t have to worry about the coil in the atomizer burning out.  The down side is these types of electronic cigs are more expensive since each filter has its own built in atomizer.  This also give manufactures a way to differentiate their product by having different size male and female ends so pieces ARE NOT interchangeable amongst brands.

It should be noted the One Piece Cartridge  can be either the male or female end.  Meaning the battery either screws into the cartridge or the cartridge screws into the battery. The example below is a male ended One Piece Cartridge.

The Two(2) Piece Cartridge

Unlike the three piece electronic cig with a Two Piece Cartridge (pictured below in blue) is actually three separate components.  The battery, atomizer and cartridge.  The main difference in this style is the cartridge and atomizer are not one piece.

Since the atomizer screws onto the battery the filter just pops on and off.  The advantage is that they are less bulky to carry extras around and cheaper to produce and cheaper to buy.  There are no male or female ends you just slide the nicotine cartridge onto the atomizer.  The downside is you are stuck with only one atomizer and risk burning the coil out.  Usually these styles have better built coils as the have to last but you still risk potentially having to repair the coil or just get a new one.

one piece and two piece e cig cartridges

one piece and two piece e cig cartridges explained

Either way you go, now when you go to choose a electronic cigarette kit you know what you are getting.


Electronic Cigarette Universal Adapter


There are a few electronic cigarette adapters that allow you to use electronic cigarette cartridges on different brands but there is no universal adapter for all the brands.  The reason is that there is no standard size for all the electronic cigarettes.

Each manufacturer makes the electronic cigarettes based on their on specification.  So there is no way to create a universal adapter.

Where a adapter does exist, it exist because a few different brands are buying their product from the site manufacturer.  Otherwise, with the varying sizes of the batter, the different ends of the batteries, male or female, it makes impossible for the ecig industry to have a universal cartridge adapter.